British Pedal Company Dumble Silverface Overdrive Special Pedal

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Immerse yourself in the rich, gritty sound of 1970s rock 'n' roll with the British Pedal Company Dumble Silverface Overdrive Special. Inspired by the classic sound of early '70s Dumble amps, this pedal has a vibrant, amp-like sound with plenty of grit on tap. If you've been searching for a premium, highly-musical overdrive pedal with a harmonically complex tone, the Dumble Silverface Overdrive Special is an excellent choice.

As soon as you plug into this pedal, you'll be amazed by how authentic it sounds - just like a genuine '70s Dumble amp, it's touch-sensitive, gainy, and has a natural low-mid focus. Don't worry, though - this pedal offers a diverse range of sounds that are easily adjustable using the 4-knob interface.

The VOLUME and GAIN knobs serve as the foundation for your tone, allowing precise control over the output and overdrive intensity. Once your levels are dialed in, the TONE knob lets you shape the brightness of the overdrive. Whether you crave a dark, thick overdrive or a brighter, more biting tone, this control can get you there - and further. The DEPTH control is the Dumble Silverface Overdrive Special's secret weapon - use it to fine-tune the intensity of the low-mids for more punch and power.

Decked out with a heavy-duty chassis, the British Pedal Company Dumble Silverface Overdrive Special is ideal for guitarists seeking a top-tier overdrive pedal that faithfully emulates the distinctive sound of a '70s Dumble tube amp.

-70s Overdrive Special voicing
-Gain, Volume, Tone, Depth controls
-LED indicator
-9V Battery or 9-18V PSU can be used for more headroom