Catalinbread Bicycle Delay Pedal


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From sputters and swirls to atmospheric, dream-like soundscapes, the Bicycle Delay from Catalinbread is an excellent delay/reverb that essentially offers psychedelia in a box. You can get all kinds of crazy sounds out of this thing - and it is best to think of its controls in an abstract sense: Reflect, Radiance, Mood, Lucidity, and Expanse knobs are all at your fingertips to help you craft your own unique sounds. Lucidity controls Wet/Dry Mix, Reflect controls Number of Repeats, Radiance = Repeats Filter, Mood controls Velocity/Direction of the pitch shift/repeats, and Expanse adjusts Delay Time. Thanks to its fleshed-out controls and unique construction, nearly any imaginable delay tone is achievable with the Bicycle Delay.


-Lucidity = Wet/Dry Mix
-Reflect = Number of Repeats
-Radiance = Repeats Filter
-Mood = Direction/Velocity of Pitch Shift/Repeats
-Expanse = Delay Time