Catalinbread Bitters Hyper-Deranged Multi-Effects Pedal

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Inspired by the Alesis Bitrman, an early-2000s multi-effects unit geared toward DJs and tabletop musicians, the Catalinbread Bitters is a super-charged multi-effects pedal with an expansive sonic palette. Featuring a phaser, a distortion circuit, and four different "sound-manglers," the Bitters is capable of delivering conventional, highly musical effects or reducing your signal into a sea of digital chaos. For the working guitarist, it's a handy tool that combines multiple must-have effects into one package. For the adventurous musician, it's an instrument of its own that's just waiting to be explored.

At its core, the Catalinbread Bitters is a top-notch multi-effects pedal with tons to offer. A DISTORT knob allows users to layer a tasteful, harmonically-rich distortion into their signal that roars to life when fully cranked. The DUAL control adjusts the speed of the phase shifter and goes from slow and syrupy to fast and fluttery. Unlike the Alesis Bitrman, the Bitters also boasts a MIX knob, so users can blend their affected signal with their dry sound.

The fun really begins when you start experimenting with the Bitters' Program Wheel, which contains four unique sounds. Select Decimator, and you'll reduce the sample of your input for a distorted, clipping effect. If you want a more intense distortion, engage the Bitcrush program, and it'll reduce the fidelity of your signal all the way down to 1-bit. For modulation, the FM setting creates a warbling pitch vibrato. And, if you want some robotic ring modulation, the Ring patch is ready and waiting.

As functional with synths, drums, and DAWs as it is with bass and guitar, the Catalinbread Bitters Hyper-Deranged Multi-Effects pedal is an awesome tool for the stage and the studio. Get in touch with us today for more information about this extraordinary Catalinbread guitar pedal!

Power: 9-18V DC Center Negative