Catalinbread Foundation Series Formula 51 Overdrive Pedal

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The Fender 5F1, nicknamed the "Tweed Champ," became a favorite of recording studios and gigging players alike, courtesy of its rich, dynamic tone and ease of use. Featuring a single volume knob, this surprisingly versatile amp could deliver everything from gentle, gritty cleans to a mids-heavy, blown-out distortion. The all-new Catalinbread Formula 51 recreates that same Tweed Champ magic, making it perfect for folks chasing that golden-era rock 'n' roll tone.

Unlike most amp-in-a-box pedals, the Formula 51 features a preamp, a power amp simulator, and an output transformer, giving it an incredibly authentic sound. Once you've got it plugged in, its intuitive four-knob interface makes it easy to get a great tone. The Sag control loads down the power amp and transformer section, giving your sound a spongier attack and a more blown-out character. The Tone knob incorporates the mid-scoop control of the vintage Framus Cobra amp, changing the mid-leaning profile of the Formula 51 into the mid-scooped sound of later Champ amplifiers. The Gain knob sets how much juice hits the power amp and transformer, taking your tone from slightly gritty to heavily distorted as it's rolled up. No matter what Tweed Champ sound you're after, the Formula 51 is more than capable of delivering the goods.

All packed up into a durable enclosure, the Catalinbread Formula 51 is great for players who want to coat their signal with the rich, vintage sizzle of the Fender Tweed Champ.

Type: Overdrive
Dimensions: 4.33" X 2.36" X 1.93"