Catalinbread Fuzzrite Germanium Fuzz Pedal

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From 1966-1968, Mosrite developed two distinct fuzz circuits - one with silicon transistors, the other with germanium. The pedal fitted with germanium transistors was much rarer and was a favorite of players like Ron Asheton of the Stooges and Henry Vestine of Canned Heat. Catalinbread's Fuzzrite pays tribute to that classic, gritty unit, and it's perfect for players seeking hot vintage fuzz tones.

The Fuzzrite is an incredibly accurate recreation of the original Mosrite germanium fuzz but with a modern twist. Using germanium transistors, this all-analog pedal delivers a rich, smooth fuzz tone that's great for rock, blues, and more. Its simple interface makes it easy to dial in a great sound - use the Volume control to increase your output, and use the Depth knob to blend in a second transistor gain stage. With Depth set to a minimum, players will hear the first transistor on its own - fat, clean, and clear. As it's increased, it'll churn out a more voltage-starved gated fuzz with tons of harmonics. With Depth maxed out, the Fuzzrite will produce a mean, aggressive sound with plenty of high-end attack.

Unlike the Mosrite pedal, the Fuzzrite features a Vintage/Modern toggle switch that gives it two different sonic palettes. In Vintage mode, the Fuzzrite behaves like the original unit - smooth, warm, and bright with an old-school character. In Modern mode, the Fuzzrite has a much thicker, fuller sound with beefed-up lows, making it suitable for just about any contemporary rig.

Blending classic tones with modern features, the Catalinbread Fuzzrite is excellent for players who love rich, vintage fuzz effects but want something with a little more versatility.

Type: Analog
Inputs: 1 x 1/4"
Outputs: 1 x 1/4"
Controls: Depth, Volume, Vintage/Modern switch
Power Source: 9V DC power supply