Catalinbread Limited Edition Soft Focus Reverb Pedal - Gold

  • Catalinbread Limited Edition Soft Focus Reverb Pedal - Gold
  • Catalinbread Limited Edition Soft Focus Reverb Pedal - Gold
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Catalinbread's Soft Focus is a shoegaze musician's dream come true. Named after the legendary patch on the Yamaha FX500 that gave Slowdive their signature sound, this reverb pedal excels at churning out dreamy tones and cinematic textures. Now offered in a limited-edition gold chassis, this stompbox is perfect for pedal enthusiasts and gigging performers seeking a top-notch ambient reverb pedal with a striking look.

The Soft Focus acts as a massive upgrade over the original FX500. While the Yamaha unit had a plug-and-play approach, no mix control, a sub-par preamp, and a dreadful tone-sucking bypass signal, the Soft Focus offers plenty of tone-tweaking capabilities and a clean, pure sound.

At its heart, the Soft Focus is a heavily modified plate reverb with adjustable time, which is subsequently split into three paths. One path features a "symphonic" chorus modulator, the second layers in an upper octave, and the third leaves the reverb signal untouched. These paths are controlled via the Mod and Symphony knobs, which can be used to channel a stellar array of otherworldly sounds, from soft, subtle echoes to cavernous walls of modulated reverb. All controls also couple to the reverb's tone, giving users tons of sonic versatility.

The Catalinbread limited edition gold Soft Focus reverb pedal is excellent for adventurous guitarists seeking a premium shoegaze tone machine. Reach out today to add one to your collection while they're still in stock!

Type: Reverb
Analog/Digital: Digital
Inputs: 1 x 1/4"
Outputs: 1 x 1/4"
Power Requirements: 9-18V DC (100mA) power supply (sold separately)