Catalinbread NiCompressor Analog FET Compressor - Black & Silver


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The Catalinbread NiCompressor is an Analog FET Compression Pedal with the capability to shape your tone like you've never heard before. Bass, Treble, Gain, Compression, and Volume knobs are all you need to start contouring your sound. Plus, this pedal's premium analog components and transistor/op-amp based circuit ensure rich, quality tone every time you turn the NiCompressor on. Finished in Black & Silver.


-All premium analog components, through-hole construction.
-FET based (MPF4393)
-Transistor and op-amp based circuit
-Power Supply: 9 volt
-Current Draw: 11 mA
-Attack Time: 4.8 mS
-Release Time: 350 mS