Catalinbread Perseus DIO Sub-Octave Fuzz Pedal

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Meet the Catalinbread Perseus DIO Sub-Octave Fuzz Pedal: A powerful unit that allows guitarists to dial in everything from beefy, synth-like square wave octaves to clean octave-down sounds with tons of low-end. This versatile pedal combines three channels-a dry signal, one octave down, and two octaves down-with heavy-duty low-pass filters for each octave, allowing you to craft the perfect mix. Whether you're looking to enhance your tone with old-school arcade sounds or add deep, thunderous lows to your signal, the Catalinbread Perseus DIO delivers in spades.

At the heart of the Perseus DIO is a pair of octave-down channels, controlled by the DOWN 1 and DOWN 2 knobs. Rotate the DOWN 1 knob clockwise, and you'll introduce a 1-octave-down effect into your signal. Crank the DOWN 2 knob, and you'll increase the level of the 2-octave-down effect. Both channels have been fine-tuned to deliver the best possible tracking at any point on the fretboard, allowing musicians to perform fast riffs and speedy solos without their signal glitching out.

The FILTER 1 and FILTER 2 controls govern the cutoff points for the low-pass filters on the one-octave-down and two-octave-down signals. At minimum settings, these filters retain the harmonic richness of the square waves, with a cutoff point of 7kHz. As you increase the filter settings, the cutoff points drop, providing a cleaner sub-octave sound with plenty of warmth, roundness, and earth-shattering bass.

The DRY knob adjusts the volume of the dry signal, which is a boosted version of your clean guitar tone. This boosted signal blends seamlessly with the octave effects, adding a synthy fuzz that can push your amplifier into overdrive. Use it alone to give your tone some extra punch or mix it with the octaves for a three-voice flurry that'll make any riff hit like a truck.

A versatile octave-down pedal, a must-have for live performances, or a secret weapon for studio sessions-whatever your needs, the Perseus DIO Sub-Octave Fuzz Pedal is a top-tier addition to your pedalboard. Reach out today to experience the unparalleled power and flexibility of the Catalinbread Perseus DIO.

Type: Sub-Octave, Fuzz
Power Requirements: 9V DC
Weight: 0.4 lbs
Dimensions: 1.96" x 2.36" x 4.33