Catalinbread Tremolo8 8 Mode Tremolo Pedal

  • Catalinbread Tremolo8 8 Mode Tremolo Pedal
  • Catalinbread Tremolo8 8 Mode Tremolo Pedal
  • Catalinbread Tremolo8 8 Mode Tremolo Pedal
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If you're a guitarist, bassist, or tremolo pedal enthusiast looking to push your sound to new limits, the Catalinbread Tremolo8 is a must-have for your effects board. This incredibly versatile pedal was built from years of experimentation and research, and it's packed with features that are sure to inspire your playing. From warbling chorus tremolo effects to ethereal, washed-out reverb trems and more, this pedal has tons of tones to explore.

The Catalinbread Tremolo8 offers eight different tremolo modes, each with its own unique sound and character. Fans of the Fender Showman's "harmonic vibrato" will appreciate this pedal's roots, as it captures that classic sound in the first mode. It also has a sawtooth LFO setting that creates compressed, fluttery sounds and reverse effects depending on how the controls are set. For players who want something a little more "thumpy," the Tremolo8 has a square wave tremolo reverb setting that creates a sputtering, stuttering effect that's perfect for adding texture and dimension to your riffs.

Additionally, the Tremolo8 has tremolo-specific reverb algorithms that add an ethereal quality to your playing. With modes for massive "wall of sound" tremolo reverbs to a more classic setting that emulates tones found on the Catalinbread Topanga Burnside, this pedal has a wealth of awesome sounds on tap. It even has a mode that adds a chorus effect and a setting with an envelope-controlled trem rate, allowing users to create mind-boggling sounds when rippin' chords and solos.

The Catalinbread Tremolo8 8 Mode Tremolo pedal is a necessity for guitarists who want to explore the full range of tremolo effects. Whether you're looking to add some subtle texture to your signal or create mind-bending soundscapes, the Tremolo8 is the perfect tool. Order yours today and start exploring the world of tremolo like never before.

Type: Tremolo + Modulation
Weight: 0.4 lbs.
Dimensions: 1.96" X 2.36" X 4.33"