Chase Bliss Audio Dark World Dual Channel Reverb Pedal


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The Dark World is Chase Bliss Audio's first all-digital pedal, and it's a remarkable dual channel reverb. Separated into "Dark" and "World" channels via the left and right footswitches, you have a wealth of reverb tones you can get with this pedal. Each side utilizes the Mix and Tone knobs in the center, as well as a Para/D>W/W>D toggle switch to let you run the channels in parallel or series. The "Dark" side was made by Cooper FX and has a Mod/Shim/Black 3-way toggle switch. The "World" side was made by Keeley Electronics and has a 3-way Spring/Plate/Hall switch. Plus, you get all the dip-switches and top-notch Chase Bliss Audio preset implementation. This is an incredible reverb and is your key to getting a wide variety of exceptional, studio-grade sounds.


-Dual-Channel Reverb
-Mix and Tone knobs for both channels
-Dark Side: Decay (Ramp) and Modify knobs
-World Side: Dwell and Pre-Delay knobs
-Mod/Shim/Black 3-way toggle switch
-Spring/Plate/Hall 3-way toggle switch
-Para/D>W/W>D 3-way toggle switch
-D/W footswitches
-Lower Toggle recalls presets
-This pedal consumes ~150mA and should be operated with a standard 2.1mm 9V DC center negative adapter with current supply capabilities of 200mA or more.If you use a “standard” outlet of 100mA, the pedal will not function properly. Input impedance of this device is 1M, and output impedance is less than 1k.