Chase Bliss Audio Preamp MkII Automatone Pedal


Expected release date is 28th May 2020


The Preamp MkII is an Automatone pedal by the master pedal-makers at Chase Bliss Audio. An automatone pedal differs from most guitar pedals in that it has motorized knobs that adjust automatically as you cycle through the Preamp MkII's presets. This incredibly unique design makes the Preamp MkII incredibly fun for sonic experimenation. The Preamp MkII was also designed in close collaboration with Chris Benson of Benson amps. The Preamp MkII is the lovechild of a Benson preamp, Chase Bliss Audio Condor, a Faves (for selecting presets) and a fuzz circuit, all of which are interchangeable for where you place them in the signal path thanks to variable routing. And with variable diode clipping control, options for open/gated fuzz, and three mids resonance settings, the sonic possibilities unlocked by the Preamp MkII are far-ranging. You can also have up to 30 presets with this pedal so you can easily recall your favorite sounds. This is easily one of the most unique guitar pedals we have ever seen, and is sure to be in high demand once it releases in May of 2020!


-Incredibly unique "Automaton" pedal that adjusts knobs/sliders mechanically to correspond with user-selected presets.
-Volume, Treble, Mids, Freq, Bass, and Gain sliders
-Jump, Mids, Q, Diode, and Fuzz switches
-Preset footswitch with up to 30 presets available