Collision Devices TARS Fuzz Filter Pedal - White with Silver Knobs

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Dive deep into a whole new dimension of fuzz with the Collision Devices TARS Fuzz Filter Pedal. Inspired by running the Black Hole Symmetry fuzz through an MS-20 style filter, this stompbox is perfect for players looking to create fuzzed-out, noisy textures that'll shake the walls and melt faces. If you've been searching for a fantastic-sounding boutique fuzz pedal with a delightfully unique sonic character, look no further - the TARS is here.

Like the iconic Black Hole Symmetry, the TARS has a wide range of sounds on tap. From crunchy, low-gain fuzz tones to fat, saturated swathes of grit, the TARS offers an extensive and dynamic spectrum of sonic flavors. On top of that, its filter section opens up a world of creative possibilities, whether you're looking to cut through the mix better or sweep between frequencies to conjure massive waves of noise. No matter what effect you're looking for - conventional, experimental, or something in between - the TARS has you covered.

Key controls for dialing in brutal, gut-punching fuzz tones

-Gain: Adjusts the amount of signal sent to the clipping stage. Crank it to take your sound from a subtle grind to a full-out, snarling wall of fuzz.
-Cutoff: Sculpt your tone by setting the range of the lowpass filter, adjustable from 15Hz to 44kHz.
-Resonance: Intensifies your tone based on the cutoff frequency and is highly interactive with the cutoff control!
-Filter Volume: Plain and simple, controls the volume of the filter effect.
-2p/4p switch: Flip this switch to change the filter cut from -12dB/octave to -24dB/octave.
-Add Fuzz Switch: Engage this to layer in an extra unfiltered fuzz signal, creating unique frequency boosts/cuts depending on the cutoff position. Has no effect when set to //.

While it excels at churning out dynamic fuzz tones that'll shake the foundations and shred speakers, the filter section of the TARS can be isolated if desired. Just toggle the Fuzz Switch to "//," turn the gain knob counter-clockwise, and you'll be all set. If you want to layer in fuzz, just start increasing the gain, and you'll have complete control over your signal.

Decked out with a heavy-duty 1.5mm aluminum enclosure adorned with aluminum knobs and faders, the Collision Devices TARS Fuzz Filter pedal is the ultimate tool for players seeking a top-of-the-line dirt unit with tons of exciting tricks up its sleeve.

Type: Fuzz
Current Draw: 150mA
Power Requirements: 9V DC Center Negative