Darkglass Electronics Element Cabsim Headphone Amp Pedal


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The Element is an all-new "headphone amp" pedal from the folks at Darkglass Electronics. This innovative pedal is quite simply the best headphone amp we've come across. Featuring an intuitive no-knob design, the Element uses LED slider potentiometers that give the pedal an appealing look and modern in-hand feel. The Element comes with 5 unique cabinet simulations out of the box, and has the ability for more through the Darkglass Suite. It even comes with Bluetooth built-in so you can easily play to backing tracks, and thanks to a versatile i/O that includes two headphone outputs, an XLR output, and a micro USB C connector, it’s easy to plug into no matter your setup at home. The Element is a truly remarkable pedal in every facet of its design, with responsive, new-age controls, powerful sound, and versatile i/O.


-Bank of 5 cabinent simulations (Editable via Darkglass Suite)
-Two headphone outputs with independent volume control
-Balanced XLR output for connecting to a preamp, pa system... etc
-Stereo Bluetooth audio playback for backing tracks
-Up to -30db of attenuation to handle up to 900w amplifier input
-Bluetooth and USB connectivity