Darkglass Electronics Hyper Luminal Hybrid Bass Compressor Pedal

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Darkglass Electronics' Hyper Luminal is a Hybrid Bass Compression pedal with intuitive controls that will unlock your bass's best tone, with an array of studio-quality compressors at your fingertips. It has a simple four-knob interface: Blend, Time, Output, and Compression. In addition, the Hyper Luminal has touch-sensitive Ratio and Mode buttons, where the Mode knob lets you choose from 3 selectable models, with more downloadable via the included USB cable and Darkglass Suite software You also get an intuitive 10-segment Gain Reduction meter so you can easily visualize and dial in your compression level properly. All in all, this is a remarkably well-crafted bass compressor, and would make a welcome addition to any bassist’s pedalboard.


-Blend, Time, Output, and Compression knobs
-Ratio and Mode Touch Sensors
-Includes Micro USB cable
-Dimensions: 75x111x43 mm (2.95x4.37x1.77 in)'
-Current Draw: 250mA
-9V DC center-negative power