The Patent Pending Goodtime Special Tone Ring is a new feature released in 2010 on the Goodtime Special banjo. Designed by Deering, the new Goodtime Special tone ring produces a louder, sweeter bell tone, a considerable step up in tone from the original tone ring that was featured on our Goodtime Special banjos. The volume of tone is a wonderful surprise to players who pick up this unassuming Goodtime Special banjo to find a real prize. If you're looking for a banjo with good volume and tone, and prefer to keep the cost as low as possible, then this is the banjo for you. This banjo will perform well in a jam session or band setting, feel comfortable, fret correctly, and be a stable instrument you can play for years to come.

-American Made
-Steel Bluegrass Style Tone Ring
-Maple Resonator
-Black Body Binding
-Rock Maple Neck
-Multi Ply Birch/Maple Rim
-Satin Finish
-Slender Profile
-Black dot inlays
-Special scroll and feathered leaf design on peghead
-22 Fret Full-size Neck
-16 Hooks and Nuts
-Adjustable Tailpiece
-Geared 5th Peg
-Open-geared Guitar Tuners