Disaster Area Designs MIDI Baby 1 Button MIDI Controller - Sour Apple

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Described by Disaster area as "perhaps the smallest programmable MIDI controller ever made", the MIDI Baby is a 2" x 2", one footswitch, LED-lit MIDI controller. It comes with a USB cable that connects the MIDI baby to your computer to use with Disaster Area's web configuration tool. This allows you to set up the MIDI Baby to our needs, with the ability to configure a wide variety of inputs, outputs, meta commands, and even changing the LED light's colors. A truly intuitive, compact design, the MIDI Baby is your small-size solution to all of your MIDI needs.


MIDI output – sends standard MIDI over 5-pin.
9V DC – compatible with most pedalboard power supplies, 30mA minimum.
MultiJack – MIDI output (on tip, ring, or both,) MIDI input & output (input on ring, output on tip,) expression pedal, or dual footswitch.
USB – functions as USB MIDI controller to your DAW or mobile device, or as a USB host to a compatible USB MIDI device (Zoom, Red Panda, Source Audio C4, more.)