Dunlop JHMS2 Authentic Hendrix '68 Shrine Series Octavio Fuzz Pedal

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Dunlop's JHMS2 Authentic Hendrix '68 Shrine Series Octavio Fuzz is a top-notch dirt pedal that perfectly captures Hendrix's searing octave-up fuzz effects heard on hits like "Purple Haze" and "One Rainy Wish." If you're a Hendrix fan looking to harness the gritty, sizzlin' fuzz tones that characterized his legendary sound, you need to check out the JHMS2.

The JHMS2 features a simple 2-knob, 1-button interface that makes it dead-simple to dial in a wealth of incredible fuzz tones. Using the Volume and Fuzz knobs, players can set the pedal's volume and the intensity of the fuzz effect, from soft and subtle to massive and grinding. Players can then use the push button to select between Default mode and Octave mode, unlocking a wealth of tones. In Default mode, the JHMS2 churns out an aggressive, crunchy silicon fuzz sound great for laying down mean, snarling riffs. In Octave mode, the JHMS2 delivers the classic octave-up fuzz effect Hendrix used on countless tracks.

Complete with a heavy-duty enclosure that features a remixed version of John Van Hamersveld's famous 1968 Shrine Auditorium concert poster art, the Dunlop JHMS2 is great for Hendrix fans seeking an awesome dirt pedal that looks as good as it sounds.

Analog or Digital: Analog
Inputs: 1 x 1/4"
Outputs: 1 x 1/4"
Controls: Volume, Fuzz, Octave Switch
Power Requirements: 9V DC Power Supply (not included)