EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath Eurorack Reverb Module - Raw Silver

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The EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath Eurorack Synthesizer Module allows users to plug the otherworldly sounds of the Afterneath reverb pedal straight into their modular synthesizers for maximum sonic exploration. This limited edition Raw Silver Afterneath Eurorack Module boasts a striking aesthetic, making it ideal for the EarthQuaker enthusiast or avid collector.

At its core, the Afterneath uses a swarm of short delays to create everything from wild, cavernous reverbs to scattered, short rhythmic delays. When fully cranked, the reverb can conjure colossal walls of sound beyond the territory of most standard reverb units. Manipulating the modules settings allows users to stretch, smudge, swell and even self-oscillate their signal into blooming washes of sound, perfect for creating ambient, otherworldly soundscapes.

The Afterneath Eurorack Module features four CV-controllable parameters and a send/return path for the wet signal, allowing for limitless creative expression and tone-tweaking. It also features a fully analog dry path for superior signal integrity. Diving deeper into the controls, setting the Reflect and Length parameters to higher levels creates self-oscillation. Using the Drag parameter, users can manipulate the pitch of the oscillation for glitched-out tones. The Mode control influences the behavior of the Drag control, with nine different modes available:

1. Unquantized: Smooth pitch change over the operating range.
2. Unquantized with Slew: Like the unquantized mode, but with a slight lag behind the knob/CV changes.
3. Unquantized Volt/Octave: Smooth pitch changes, but scaled to align with the 1v/octave curve making melodic modulation easier.
4. Chromatic Scale: Quantized 1v/octave to the chromatic scale, Drag selects the intervals along the chromatic scale.
5. Major Scale: Quantized 1v/octave to the major scale, Drag selects the intervals along the major scale.
6. Minor Scale: Quantized 1v/octave to the minor scale, Drag selects the intervals along the minor scale.
7. Pentatonic Scale: Quantized 1v/octave to the pentatonic scale, Drag selects the intervals along the pentatonic scale.
8. Octaves & Fifths: Quantized 1v/octave to omit all but octaves and fifths, Drag goes between octaves and fifths of the original tone.
9. Octaves: Quantized 1v/octave to omit all but octaves, Drag goes between different octaves of the original pitch.

In typical EarthQuaker fashion, the Afterneath Eurorack Module is bold, otherworldly, and has enough features to create a near-infinite world of sounds, making it ideal for adventurous players and tone-explorers. When you're ready to lose yourself in sweeping waves of reverb, delay, and modulation, the Afterneath Eurorack Module is waiting for you.

Type: Delay & Reverb Eurorack Module
HP Size: 16HP
Power Supply: Requires Eurorack case and power supply
Max Depth: 31.75 mm
Current Draw: 95 mA from the +12v rail, 0 mA from both the -12v and +5v rails