EarthQuaker Devices Limited Edition Brain Dead Ghost Echo Pedal

  • EarthQuaker Devices Limited Edition Brain Dead Ghost Echo Pedal
  • EarthQuaker Devices Limited Edition Brain Dead Ghost Echo Pedal
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New from EarthQuaker Devices is the limited edition Brain Dead Ghost Echo, designed in collaboration with international creative studio Brain Dead. Complete with unique artwork and a sleek green chassis, this pedal is great for EarthQuaker enthusiasts seeking a one-of-a-kind Ghost Echo.

The Ghost Echo is a 'spooky' take on the amp-top spring reverb units of yesteryear. This analog/digital pedal boasts 30ms - 150ms of pre-delay controllable via the Attack knob, allowing users to conjure anything from quick slapback to thick pools of ectoplasmic reverb. When playing staccato, you'll hear the reverb trails, resulting in more of an echo sound. Playing legato will reveal a massive ambient "depth" that fattens up the sound, perfect for creating haunting soundscapes and cinematic textures. The Dwell control sets the length and thickness of the decay, descending into an infinite loop of self-oscillation when maxed out. The Depth knob sets the intensity of the reverb, which most players probably know as the wet/dry mix, but we like to think of it more as how scary the overall effect is.

This extra-special Brain Dead Ghost Echo is available in limited quantities only, so get yours while availability lasts!

Controls: Attack, Dwell and Depth
Bypass: True Bypass
Power Supply: Alkaline battery (9V, 6LR61), AC Adapter (sold separately)
Working Voltage: 9V
Current Draw: 86mA
Input Impedance: 10 MΩ
Output Impedance: 1 kΩ