EarthQuaker Devices Palisades V2 Mega Ultimate Overdrive Pedal - Hemp Green

  • EarthQuaker Devices Palisades V2 Mega Ultimate Overdrive Pedal - Hemp Green
  • EarthQuaker Devices Palisades V2 Mega Ultimate Overdrive Pedal - Hemp Green
  • EarthQuaker Devices Palisades V2 Mega Ultimate Overdrive Pedal - Hemp Green
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The EarthQuaker Palisades V2 Mega Ultimate Overdrive pedal now features "flexi-switch" switching, allowing users to select either momentary or latching modes. Additionally, the pedal now has soft-touch relay-based switching instead of hard-click switching seen in past models. This model has a limited edition Hemp Green enclosure, making it great for Palisades users looking to add a rare unit to their pedalboard!

After loads of requests, Earthquaker finally buckled. They ran tests with every popular clone on the market and several vintage originals, compared, contrasted, and took notes. It was exhausting but informative. Ultimately, they threw it all away, used their ears, and came up with what they feel is the most versatile relative of the TS808 available today.

With 6 different clipping voices, 5 bandwidth settings, and 2 gain channels, users will be hard-pressed to not find a sound that will wipe every mid-boosting overdrive off your board. The clipping voices determine how transparent, open, tight, and crunchy the distortion is. They will vary drastically depending on where the gain is set, what channel is active, and how much bandwidth is being used. The bandwidth sets the frequency response of the distortion and goes from thin, light, and clean to fat, heavy, and crunchy. It may very well be the single most important control the Palisades has, and it's what really sets it apart.

Gain A is a lower gain channel with a wider range of grit that is great for strumming open chords. Gain B is a higher gain channel with a tighter range, perfect for palm muting and/or shredding solos. The Palisades also has a foot switchable volume boost with an adjustable level to take it over the top when you want to throw your foot up on the monitor and rip screamin' leads or push the front end of your amp harder. If that's not enough, the Palisades V2 also has a normal/bright switch that allows players to mix and match their tone to better suit different amps and guitars. Still not enough? This pedal has a buffer on/off switch to tighten the tone and make it sparkle when set to "ON" or warm it up and make it sag when set to "OFF."

The EarthQuaker Devices Palisades V2 Mega Ultimate Overdrive is an incredibly versatile dirt unit that will keep you satisfied for years to come. If you've been searching for a premium overdrive pedal that'll push you to your creative limits, it doesn't get better than the Palisades, now available in a striking Hemp Green Enclosure.

Dimensions: 5.5″ x 4.5″ x 2.5″
Power: 9 Volt DC Center Negative