Electro-Harmonix Nano Pulsar Stereo Tremolo Pedal

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Electro-Harmonix's Nano Pulsar takes tremolo beyond the ordinary and mundane, offering a surprising amount of top-notch features. If you're looking for a powerful stereo tremolo unit that'll transform the way you play, the Nano Pulsar is an excellent choice.

The Nano Pulsar features an intuitive control layout that makes dialing in great sounds quick and easy. Using the Volume knob, players can increase their output level, counteracting the perceived volume drop often associated with tremolo effects. The Depth knob adjusts the amount of tremolo applied to the signal, and the Rate knob provides a full range of speed adjustments for the tremolo/pan effect.

The Nano Pulsar also has a toggle switch that allows players to choose between Triangle or Square Wave modes. In triangle mode, the Nano Pulsar will deliver a smooth tremolo with a constant and consistent rise and decline in volume. In square mode, the sound is more aggressive and choppy, with instantaneous jumps in volume level.

Sleek, compact, and versatile, the Nano Pulsar is perfect for players seeking a value-packed stereo tremolo pedal.

Circuit: Analog
Bypass: Buffered Bypass
Audio: Stereo Out
Power Supply: 9V battery included. Optional 9.6V DC 200mA power adapter not included.
Dimensions (in): 4.5 x 2.75 x 2.1
Current Draw: 30mA