Electronic Audio Experiments Dagger Overdrive Pedal - Bronze

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The Electronic Audio Experiments Dagger takes the mean, snarling sound of the Longsword Op-Amp Drive and packs it into a sleek, compact enclosure. If you've been looking for a premium overdrive pedal that can also serve up face-melting fuzz, you need to check out the Dagger - now offered in an eye-catching Bronze enclosure.

One of the lovable quirks of the V1 and V2 Longswords is that they had less headroom, allowing the EQ controls to overload the output stage and create a massive fuzz tone. Electronic Audio Experiments implemented those design elements into the Dagger, giving it a versatile sound that can churn out warm, rich overdrive and speaker-shredding fuzz with just the turn of a knob.

Getting a great sound from the Dagger is easy and painless. The Volume knob controls the pedal's overall output, while the Drive control sets the intensity of the overdrive effect, from mild and sizzlin' to distorted and chaotic. Roll up the Low EQ control, and the Dagger will pump out a wall of subby fuzz. Crank the High EQ, and the Dagger will unleash a searing howl of grating distortion. If you're looking for a little extra sonic versatility, flip the Shift toggle, which adjusts the low-frequency contour. In the up position, the Dagger produces a thick, muscular overdrive, perfect for rhythm riffin'. In the down position, the Dagger sounds tight and focused, great for blistering solos and lightning-fast leads.

All packed up into a heavy-duty enclosure with an undeniably cool graphic, the Electronic Audio Experiments Dagger is excellent for players who want an aggressive, unconventional overdrive pedal with a wealth of top-notch tones.

Bypass: Relay switching with true bypass
Input impedance @ 1 Khz: 500kΩ
Output impedance @ 1 Khz: <25K (passive volume control)
Power: 9-18V DC, 2.1 mm center negative barrel
Current Draw: 50 mA
Color: Bronze