Electronic Audio Experiments Dude Incredible V2 Fuzz Pedal

  • Electronic Audio Experiments Dude Incredible V2 Fuzz Pedal
  • Electronic Audio Experiments Dude Incredible V2 Fuzz Pedal
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The Electronic Audio Experiments Dude Incredible V2 is perfect for noise rock enthusiasts and players seeking a unique new flavor of distortion. Pairing two cult classics, the IVP "Tube Voice" preamp and a percolator-style fuzz, this pedal has a wealth of fierce, experimental sounds on tap.

The Tube Voice channel is a streamlined version of the Intersound IVP, an old-school rackmount preamp from the '70s. Its overdrive circuit is driven by a pre-gain shelving EQ, giving it a distinctive sonic palette that sounds great for conjuring jangly rhythm tones and bright, trebly chords. It also works great for medium-gain settings or as an always-on base layer for coloring and enriching your sound.

The Percolate channel features a carefully selected germanium transistor based on measurements of an original unit, giving it a wonderfully authentic sound. It also has a diode switch that selects between the custom configuration found in the Dude Incredible V1, and a more traditional, highly compressed mode, allowing for plenty of versatility. Combine the Percolate side with the Tube Voice channel, and you'll unlock plenty of gritty, fuzzed-out tones.

If you're the kind of player who loves bright, jangly overdrive and brutal, speaker-shredding fuzz, the Dude Incredible V2 is an excellent choice.

Input impedance @ 1kHz: 100kΩ (perc) / 500kΩ (tube voice)
Output impedance @ 1kHz: <25kΩ (perc), <5kΩ (tube voice)
Power: 9VDC, 2.1mm center negative barrel
Current Draw: 90mA with both channels engaged