Electronic Audio Experiments Model FeT Preamp Pedal

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Electronic Audio Experiments' Model FeT is the preamp pedal of choice for doom metal shredders and stoner rock guitarists alike. Based on the legendary Sunn Model T, this stompbox churns out a stellar sound that's both dark and clear, making it an excellent tool for enhancing your tone.

The Model FeT is a transistor-based preamp that sounds crushing when paired with dirt pedals. Since it features an emulated power amp, it has a broad range of gain, giving it massive headroom and volume output. Couple this beast with a gated fuzz, and you'll shred speakers like you wouldn't believe. If melting faces isn't your style, don't worry - on its own, the Model FeT acts as a fantastic mid-gain preamp with a rich and present sound.

Powerful, dynamic, and versatile, the Model FeT is perfect for guitarists seeking a preamp pedal that reacts amazingly to gritty tones and aggressive playing.

Bypass: Relay switching with true bypass
Input impedance @ 1 Khz: 500kΩ
Output impedance @ 1 Khz: 1kΩ
Power: 9V DC, 2.1 mm center negative barrel
Current Draw: 65 mA