Electronic Audio Experiments OxEAE Fuzz Pedal

  • Electronic Audio Experiments OxEAE Fuzz Pedal
  • Electronic Audio Experiments OxEAE Fuzz Pedal
  • Electronic Audio Experiments OxEAE Fuzz Pedal
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Fresh from Electronic Audio Experiments is the OxEAE Fuzz pedal, a rip-roaring dirt unit that's ready to push your rig into sonic mayhem. Built in collaboration with design collective Obstructures, this unique pedal features a near-indestructible enclosure with a neo-brutalist aesthetic, a fitting look for a stompbox with such a snarling, aggressive character. If you've been searching for a one-of-a-kind fuzz pedal that sounds incredible and is built to last a lifetime, the OxEAE Fuzz is an excellent fit.

The OxEAE Fuzz pedal features an op-amp fuzz circuit that delivers a grinding, hard-clipped fuzz without an ounce of subtlety. Players who want to dive right in will appreciate its intuitive 4-slider interface that makes it easy to dial in a wealth of face-melting tones right out of the box. Using the Level and Gain controls, players can set the pedal's output (with heaps of volume available) and the amount of gain in the circuit, up to a whopping +80dB. These are your bread-and-butter controls and can create scorching distortion, walls of speaker-shredding fuzz, and everything in between.

Once you're ready to fine-tune your signal, the OxEAE Fuzz has two additional sliders-Texture and Weight. The Texture slider mixes a full-wave rectified analog signal into your sound, creating chaotic modulated octave-up effects. The Weight slider controls the high pass filter at the input, allowing users to tighten up their sound or give it a rich, bass-heavy 'oomph' that'll shake the walls.

With its menacing aesthetic, killer sound, and bomb-proof enclosure, the Electronic Audio Experiments OxEAE Fuzz is truly the last dirt pedal you'll ever need to buy. Pick one up today, and you'll have a roadworthy companion that'll supercharge your pedalboard into a gritty, havoc-wreaking machine.

Bypass: Relay switching with op amp buffered bypass.
Input impedance @ 1 kHz: 2.2MΩ
Output impedance @ 1 kHz: <1kΩ
Power: 9V DC, 2.1x5.5 mm center negative barrel. The current draw when active is 120 mA. We recommend a regulated, isolated power supply rated for 200 mA minimum. The PSU input is protected against reverse polarity and over-voltage. Does not accept batteries.
Dimensions: 6.75" x 3.5" x 2"
Weight: 1.5 lbs