Empress Effects ParaEq MKII Parametric EQ Pedal

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If you've been searching for an all-in-one solution for tone-shaping, you can't beat the Empress Effects ParaEq MKII. Hands down, this pedal is one of the best signal-sculpting tools you can own - there's nothing else quite like it. Whether you're looking to beef up your single-coil pickups, aggressively scoop your mids for spankin' slap bass riffs, or eliminate narrow frequency bands to enhance your tone, the ParaEQ MKII has the power to get you there.

For starters, the Empress ParaEQ MKII offers players complete control over which frequencies they'd like to boost/cut, ranging from 35Hz - 20kHz. That makes it an excellent choice for guitarists, bassists, keyboard players, and much more - it's a great pedal to have in any studio.

Additionally, each frequency band has a "Q" control, which adjusts the intensity of the frequency curve. If you're looking for subtle tone-shaping over a wide range, roll it to the left. Need something more aggressive to get rid of pesky frequencies? Crank the "Q" control to the right, and the EQ settings will only impact a narrow range.

Don't be fooled by the pedal's name - the ParaEQ MKII isn't just a top-notch parametric EQ pedal. It also features an incredible clean boost, capable of pushing out an extra 30dB of power. Use it to bring a little extra zing to solos or overdrive a tube amp into rich, gritty distortion - whatever your boost needs are, this pedal has you covered.

A favorite of legendary musicians like Tim Lefebvre, Paul Gilbert, and Justin Meldal-Johnson, the Empress Effects ParaEq MKII is a premium Swiss army knife of tone. Seriously, with one of these pedals, you don't need to buy another guitar - simply transform your current axe's sound with the ParaEQ MKII's mind-blowingly versatile EQ controls. Reach out today for more information about this fantastic EQ pedal!

Input Impedance: 1MΩ
Output Impedance: 100Ω
Frequency Response (-3dB): 22Hz - 25kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion: < 0.05%
Noise: > 107dB
Headroom: +30dBu
Input Voltage: 9VDC Centre-Negative
Required Current: 300mA
Power Input Connector: 2.1mm Barrel Connector
Height (Including Controls): 2.5"
Length: 4.8"
Width: 2.6"
Weight: 1lb