Fairfield Circuitry About 900 Fuzz Pedal

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Fairfield Circuitry's About 900 is the compact re-imagining of the company's beloved Four Eyes Fuzz pedal. All cleaned up and packed into a smaller enclosure, the About 900 allows for broad manipulation per gain-stage starting with the mu-amp input stage leading through cascaded J-FET stages. It might sound a bit confusing, but the result is a versatile character-rich fuzz that is highly compatible with other pedals.

With controls for INPUT (preamp input level), FUZZ (interstage level), BIAS (second stage bias and gain), and VOLUME (output level), the About 900 has access to tons of great fuzz tones. The INPUT knob controls the level going into the initial gain stage. Manipulating the INPUT takes you from a clean, dynamic signal with plenty of headroom to a crushing distortion. The FUZZ knob controls the level going to the second J-FET gain stage, and the tones yielded from this parameter are highly dependent on the INPUT level. If the INPUT is set low, the FUZZ knob will have a very wide range of tones. If the INPUT is high, the FUZZ and BIAS won't be as responsive, but you'll be met with a thick wall of fuzz and distortion. Adjusting the BIAS knob changes the saturation symmetry, and can create mellow, sustaining fuzz, or gated fuzz if set to a high enough level. The BIAS and FUZZ knobs are very interactive and can work together to create some truly awesome sounds. Lastly, the VOLUME controls the master volume of the pedal-and it has an impressive amount of gain to offer.

With all these impressive features tucked into a space-saving stompbox, Fairfield Circuitry's About 900 is difficult to overlook. And of course, it comes in the durable, iconic, battle-worn enclosure that fans of Fairfield Circuitry have come to love.

INPUT - preamp input level
FUZZ - interstage level
BIAS - second stage bias and gain
VOLUME - output level