Fender Acoustic 100 1x8 100W Acoustic Guitar Amp


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Fender’s Acoustic 100 amplifier is an all-in one solution for acoustic guitar performance. The Acoustic 100 has two fully independent channels for either instrument or microphone.  Each channel features 3-band equalization, phase reverse, and studio-quality digital effects.  Plus the attractive natural wood cabinet adds a nice touch to any performance.  This grab-and-go amp is the perfect solution for any serious solo artist.

-Power Output: 100 Watts
-Speaker: 8" Full Range Whizzer Cone
-Controls: Volume, Low, Mid, High, FX Level, FX Select | Volume, Low, Mid, High, FX Level, FX Select
-Dimensions: 18.5" x 14" x 9.5"
-Weight: 18 lbs

-Two channels
-Two inputs: combo 1/4 in./XLR
-Effects: Room Reverb, Hall Reverb, Tape Echo, Delay with repeats, Chorus, Vibratone, Delay + Chorus, Delay + Hall Reverb
-Bluetooth integration

Why We Love Fender

It's hard to find a name more synonymous with guitars than Fender. Ever since Leo Fender burst onto the scene with his now-iconic Telecaster, Fender guitars have found homes in the hands of brand new guitar players and seasoned rock stars. When the headstock says Fender, you know you're getting a quality instrument.