Fender CuNiFe Stratocaster Pickup Set

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Inspired by the legendary sound of vintage Fender CuNiFe humbuckers, Fender designed the CuNiFe Stratocaster single-coil pickup: the ultimate solution for players looking to supercharge their guitar with rich, saturated tones.

Built with CuNiFe magnets, these pickups deliver a fuller, more powerful sound with robust lows and clear, bell-like highs - the perfect sonic combination. Additionally, they sound phenomenal when pushed hard, never losing any attack or definition when shreddin' hot, driving solos and heavy-hitting riffs.

Whether you're chasing that vintage Fender tone or need a little more power and 'oomph' from your favorite Strat, these Fender CuNiFe Stratocaster pickups are sure to do the trick.

Series: CuNiFe
Orientation: Right-Hand
Color: Vintage White
Cover Color: Chrome Ring with Vintage White Insert
Instrument Type: Stratocaster
Country of Origin: US
Pickup Configuration: SSS
Lead Wire: Vinyl-covered
Magnet Type: CuNiFe
Magnet Wire: Formvar-coated
Pole Pieces: Adjustable
Bobbin Material: Nylon
Output: Vintage
DC Resistance: Neck: 9.6k, Middle: 10.0k, Bridge: 10.5k
Inductance: Neck: 3.8H, Middle: 4.2H, Bridge: 4.6H

SKU: 0992367000