Fender Pinwheel Rotary Speaker Emulator

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The Pinwheel rotary speaker emulator pedal features three different rotary speaker voices, including Fender's very own Vibratone effect. Like many classic original units, the Pinwheel has footswitchable Slow and Fast speeds, while the onboard overdrive lets you add plenty of vintage texture and grind to your tone.

-Rotary speaker pedal
-Switchable Slow/Fast speeds
-Onboard overdrive; dynamically responsive modulation rate
-Stereo inputs and outputs
-Selectable guitar and keyboard voicings

Why We Love Fender

It's hard to find a name more synonymous with guitars than Fender. Ever since Leo Fender burst onto the scene with his now-iconic Telecaster, Fender guitars have found homes in the hands of brand new guitar players and seasoned rock stars. When the headstock says Fender, you know you're getting a quality instrument.