Fender Vintera '50s Modified Stratocaster Pickup Set

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If you're a fan of that classic Strat tone but are looking for a little more 'oomph', look no further - this Fender Vintera '50s Modified Stratocaster Pickup Set has everything you need. These pickups have been carefully revoiced, mixing modern tones and a hot output with the beloved bell-like chime that Strats are known for. This gives these pickups a much more versatile and powerful tone, allowing you to fit perfectly in any style of music. Don't worry though, they still retain several fan-favorite vintage-inspired appointments, from formvar magnet wire to staggered, beveled alnico pole pieces. With its harmonious blend of vintage and modern features, this pickup should satisfy even the pickiest of Strat aficionados.

Style: Vintage
Configuration: SSS
Magnet Type: Alnico 5
Magnet Wire: Formvar-coated
Pole Pieces: Staggered

SKU: 0992208000