Fuzzrocious Dark Driving V3 Low Gain Overdrive Pedal

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Originally starting as a simple one-knob overdrive unit, the Dark Driving has grown into an incredibly versatile pedal that's great for coaxing rich, gritty tones from your favorite axe. With the V3 model, players can replicate classic Dark Driving sounds, create aggressive, modern distortion, and much more. If you've been searching for a dynamic overdrive/distortion pedal that works great for both bass and guitar, the Dark Driving V3 is an excellent choice.

One of the most significant changes to the DD3 is the addition of a clean boost after the traditional circuit, allowing users to increase their volume and push their rigs harder. The light/dark mod has also been changed to a toggle switch, and the modes have become more dramatic, an exciting update for players seeking thicker, fuller distortion and brighter, more cutting overdrive. And for players who want to choose between an open, less compressed drive and a warm, more aggressive tone, the DD3 features a toggle that adds in BAT46 diodes, changing its character completely.

In addition to adding new settings and parameters, Fuzzrocious expanded the DD3's Tone control, allowing users to perfectly recreate the sounds of the DD1 and DD2. It also has a much wider sweep, making it a perfect fit for both bassists and guitarists. For players who love experimenting until they find their dream tone, the DD3 can also be run at 9V or 12V, delivering a tighter sound at 9V and a more open sound at 12V. Simply put, this pedal has a whole world of tones under the hood - it's up to the player to use them to their fullest, grittiest extent.

An exciting take on the original unit, the Dark Driving V3 is fantastic for players seeking a low to medium overdrive/distortion pedal that sounds great on both bass and guitar.

Type: Overdrive, Distortion