Genzler Acoustic Array Pro Extension Cabinet


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Genzler Amplification is proud to announce the addition of an extension cabinet to match the Acoustic Array PRO combo. This compact cabinet is an identical match to the speaker system and slanted cabinet design of the innovative AA-PRO combo.

The AA-PRO-EXT offers the same unique angled cabinet shape, bottom-mounted speaker stand-adaptor and the sophisticated Array speaker system design of the AA-PRO combo. This new extension cabinet provides the option for using the entire system as an acoustic PA on speaker stands or as a high powered combo/stack when placed underneath the AA-PRO combo.

When adding the AA-PRO-EXT the power output of the AA-PRO combo increases to a powerful 300 Watts. And for stability there are 4 raised screw heads provided on the top corners of the extension cab so that they lock into the rubber feet of the AA-PRO combo when stacked.

-Power Handling: 150 Watts
-Impedance: 8 Ohms
-Speaker: 10" Woofer, 4 x 2.5” Cone-driver Line Array
-Dimensions: 16" x 14" x 13"
-Weight: 21 lbs

-Slanted Cabinet Design for Improved Projection
-Ultra-lightweight 21 lb Compact Cabinet Design
-Comfortable Soft Rubber Strap Handle
-Two 1/4″ Rear Panel Inputs
-Bottom-mounted Stand Adaptor