Genzler Crash Box 4 Bass Distortion Pedal

  • Genzler Crash Box 4 Bass Distortion Pedal
  • Genzler Crash Box 4 Bass Distortion Pedal
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Genzler's Crash Box 4 is an all-analog bass distortion pedal that emulates four distinct distortion types found in popular tube and solid-state amps, giving it tons of sonic versatility.

The Crash Box 4 has four "gears" that provide its signature sound. In 1st gear, it delivers a smooth overdrive/distortion reminiscent of a moderately driven tube amp, rich with natural harmonics and slight compression. 2nd gear emulates a tube amp's heavily overdriven tone, with more harmonics, compression, and top-end. 3rd gear is an aggressive shift from 2nd gear, churning out a heavier, edgier distortion with plenty of odd-order harmonics and a tight, compressed sound. High-gain players will love the final 4th gear mode, which has a crushing sound with tons of harmonics, compression, and sustain. Once you've selected your favorite channel, you can fine-tune your sound with the onboard filters, drive controls, and clean/dry volumes to find the gritty tone of your dreams.

If you've been in the market for a bass distortion pedal with an extensive sonic palette, the Genzler Crash Box 4 is an excellent contender.

-Black Lightweight Aluminum Chassis
-Rugged Stomp Switches
-Low-noise, Silent Switching Circuitry
-High-Pass and Low-Pass Filter (Distortion Engine Only)
-4 Position Distortion "Gear" Selector Switch
-Parallel Clean Signal Path
-High/Low Drive Sensitivity Switch
-Accepts Power Supplies From 9VDC - 18VDC (low noise type), Either Polarity (auto detecting) 40mA Max - (Power Supply Not Included)
-Dimensions: 5" x 4.1" x 2.3"