GFI System Cabzeus Stereo Speaker Simulator & DI Box Pedal


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The Cabzeus is a DI Box and Stereo Speaker/Cabinet Simulator effects pedal. It has two inputs, two thrus, and two outputs, as well as eight different presets. It also has input level pads, independent mic position controls, and MIDI/External Switch inputs so you can change your presets on the fly. And the Cabzeus' tonal depth is extended through the CabsLab software, which allows for editing the pedal's algorithms.


-Compact, stereo Speaker / Cabinet simulator + DI Box.
-2 inputs - 2 thrus - 2 outputs (balanced)
-8 Presets.
-Input Pads : 0dB (unity), -20dB or -30dB.
-Independent Mic Position controls.
-Deep algorithms editing via CabsLab software.
-MIDI and External Switch Inputs for remote preset change.
-Stereo headphone out with volume control.
-Internal charge pump circuitry boosts 9V supply voltage to 18V for extended headroom.