GFI System Duophony Parallel Signal Blender Pedal

  • GFI System Duophony Parallel Signal Blender Pedal
  • GFI System Duophony Parallel Signal Blender Pedal
  • GFI System Duophony Parallel Signal Blender Pedal
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GFI System's Duophony is an incredibly advanced pedal that completely changes the game when it comes to signal blenders. With its powerful and intuitive design, this pedal allows users to blend two separate signal chains in a multitude of different ways. Whether you're looking to simply enhance your sound or you're in the market for a pedal that'll completely change the way you perform, the Duophony is sure to exceed expectations.

The Duophony has a wide range of applications that make it an excellent fit for players who need something compact, versatile, and easy to use. While it excels as a parallel signal blender, players can run it in series as well. It also has mono and stereo ins/outs that can be used to create panning effects, three-dimensional sounds, and more.

At the Duophony's center is a rotary touch slider that allows players to set the mix of the incoming X and Y signals. When the ring is blue, the Y signal is being controlled, and when it's green, X is being adjusted. Players can further blend in their dry signal by pressing the button beneath the rotary slider, and can set it from fully dry to fully wet. This is great for layering in your unprocessed signal to retain some low-end and 'oomph' when using lush reverbs and delays.

In addition to the rotary slider, the Duophony has several other controls that give it tons of tone-shaping potential. The knobs on the upper left and right adjust the gain of the X and Y signals from muted to +6 dB, and pressing them together allows users to save their favorite sounds to one of 16 preset slots. Perhaps the most exciting feature of the Duophony, though, is its LFO with adjustable speed and depth settings. Using this, players can modulate between the X and Y channels, choose different LFO shapes, set it to panning if running stereo, and more. Once you start tweaking it, you won't want to stop - it brings an entirely new dimension out of this pedal.

Complete with Expression and MIDI compatibility, the Duophony is truly the ultimate effects blending workstation. Please reach out for more information on this incredible signal blender!

-Input impedance: 1 MOhm (Inputs, Returns).
-Output impedance: 500 Ohm (Outputs, Sends).
-Current draw: 165 mA.
-Power source: 9VDC (negative center).
-True stereo on all (inputs, outputs, and effect loops) signal paths.
-Parallel or Series routing modes.
-3 parallel blend modes: XY mix, Y plus [X], and X plus [Y].
-16 presets.
-Fully adjustable dry signal level.
-Phase invert function on loop X.
-Individual gain control for each loop.
-Bypass function with or without trails.
-Expression pedal and Aux switches control input.
-MIDI input.
-Full-featured modulation engine.