GFI System Enieqma 10-Band Programmable EQ Pedal

  • GFI System Enieqma 10-Band Programmable EQ Pedal
  • GFI System Enieqma 10-Band Programmable EQ Pedal
  • GFI System Enieqma 10-Band Programmable EQ Pedal
  • GFI System Enieqma 10-Band Programmable EQ Pedal
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Get ready to supercharge your setup with the GFI System Enieqma - the most versatile EQ pedal on the market. Boasting three powerful EQ engines, an extensive library of ready-to-use presets, and a built-in boost, this unit has everything guitarists need to sculpt their tone with unrivaled precision. Plus, its stereo spreader and limiter make it a multi-purpose tool for musicians seeking a premium feature-packed pedal.

For starters, the Enieqma has three unique EQ sections, allowing it to cater to any performer's needs. The first mode engages a parametric EQ, an excellent tool for players who need ultra-precise tone-shaping. In addition to boosting and cutting specific frequencies, users can change the EQ curve - this is great when you want to create a high/low-pass filter.

If you'd prefer to simplify things, the Enieqma has a "Simple EQ" mode that lets users choose between 7 classic tone stacks. Whether you need a little low-end bump or more high-end shimmer, this setting is perfect for making quick adjustments without tweaking too many parameters. The final mode, Pultec, emulates the legendary EQ unit that dominated recording studios for decades. Basically, if you want studio-grade EQ tones on your pedalboard, you'll love this setting.

The best part about the Enieqma? You can combine EQ types together to create your own unique sound. Want the classic sound of the Pultec but need some fine-tuning? Blend the Parametric EQ with the Pultec for the tone of your dreams.

But that's not all this tonal titan has to offer. With the ability to save your own custom settings, you can recall your favorite sounds whenever needed. It also has an independent booster with up to +15dB of clean boost on tap, a top-notch limiter, and a stereo expander.

With all of that said, we've hardly scratched the surface of the Enieqma's capabilities - it's truly one of the most advanced EQ pedals ever built. Check it out today if you've been searching for a world-class stereo EQ pedal with a near-infinite sonic palette!

Power: 9V DC, Center Negative
Current Draw: 280mA
Size: 4.7" x 4.7"
Presets: 64
Routing Configurations: Mono to Stereo, Dual Mono, Stereo to Mono
Input Impedance: 1 Meg Ohm
Output Impedance: 500 Ohm
Max Boost Level: +15dB
AD/DA: 24-bit, 48kHz
Bypass: Buffered
Input Jack: 1/4" TRS
Output Jack: 1/4" TS
MIDI In/Thru Jacks: 1/8" TRS (Type A)