GFI System Jonassus Drive Dual Channel Overdrive Pedal

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The Jonassus is a dual channel overdrive pedal with a simple set of controls and plenty of tonal versatility. It has a Low Channel and High Channel for gain level in addition to letting you adjust Gain via its knobs. Plus, the Ch./Side footswitch lets you choose which set of Volume and Gain knobs affect your sound. Plus, a multicolor LED lets you know which clipping option is currently selected, and a DIP switch on the back of the pedal lets you choose three different ways to map out the Jonassus' Volume, Gain, and Clipping controls to the Low and High gain channels. This is a highly versatile overdrive fit for any playing style.


-Dual Channel : Low and Med-High gain.
-Independent Gain, Volume, and Clipping style control for each channel.
-Flexible channel configuration via DIP Switch settings .
-True Bypass.
-Clickless footswitches.