GFI System Specular Reverb V3 Pedal


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GFI System's Specular Reverb V3 keeps the same high-quality delay algrorithms from previous iterations while adding a few new user-friendly features. Its preset system has been simplified while an expression pedal/tap-tempo input has been added for fine-tuning your sound further. Blend, Decay, Tone, and Intensity knobs are your four main controls, while a Preset Select footswitch lets you choose from 8 different presets. Plus, the pure analog signal path, small form-factor, and Stereo I/O are a few nice touches too.


-Pristine reverbs in a compact pedal.
-Fully programmable : 4 x 2 presets.
-Stereo input and output.
-7 reverb modes : Spatium, Modulated, Shimmer, Echo, Tremble, Voices, Infinity.
-Expression Pedal and Tap-Tempo input.
-Spillover when bypassed.
-Analog dry-thru.