Gibson Custombucker Humbucker Pickup Matched Set - True Historic Nickel Cover

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The Custombucker pickup has become a staple on Gibson Custom Shop Historic Reissue guitars. And it's no wonder why - years of research and testing have gone into these pickups to give them a dead-on '50s P.A.F. tone, and they sound identical to the real deal. If you're a vintage purist looking to turn your favorite Gibson into an old-school rock 'n' roll machine, the Custombucker is exactly what you need.

Gibson built the Custombucker pickup with Alnico 3 magnets, giving them a rich, warm, highly musical character. They also feature 42 A.W.G. wire, unbalanced coils, and are unpotted, making them a spot-on recreation of the original P.A.F. pickup. The result? They produce an exceptional array of vintage tones that'll impress even the pickiest of classic Gibson fans.

Don't skimp on tone - upgrade your guitar with this set of Gibson Custombuckers, and you'll have a rockin' axe that sounds like it was built during Gibson's golden era.

Position: Any (Set of Two)
Magnets: Alnico 3
Wiring: 2-Conductor
Cover: True Historic Nickel
Double Black Bobbins
Average DC Resistance: 8K
Details: Historically accurate Patent Applied For replica with unbalanced coils and a sweet, warm tone.