Gretsch Bridge Assembly Rocking Bar Gold with Ebony Base for Professional Series


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This is a genuine Gretsch Rocking Bar Bridge assembly for an arched top guitar. This assembly includes the bridge, base, and thumbscrews. It's designed for a Gretsch but may work with other brands as well. The Gretsch Bar Bridge is basically a straight bar the strings break across. It is common on '50s and '60s era Gretsch guitars and remains a favorite for many players. The Gretsch Bar Bridge works very well with a Bigsby and its larger mass and shallow break angle produces a smooth glassy tone with enhanced sustain. The updated version of the classic Gretsch Bar bridge features cone shaped post holes allowing the bar to "rock" back and forth when a Bigsby Vibrato is used.


Woods: Ebony
Metals: Gold Plated Brass
Spacing between Posts: 2-29/32" (74mm)
Thumb Wheel Diameter: 20 mm
Thumbwheel Threading: Metric M4
Base Length: 5 5/32"
Base Width: 5/8" mm
Wood Base Height: 5/16" (at the highest point, measured from top of guitar)
Lowest adjusted hight of thumbwheels: 7/16"
Bottom of base to top of post 7/8"
Bridge String Spacing: 2"
Total Height at lowest Adjustment (guitar surface to saddle top): 7/8"
Total Height at Highest Adjustment (guitar surface to saddle top): 1 1/8""
Part Number: 0062845000

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