Gretsch Synchro-Sonic "Melita" Bridge Assembly in Nickel with Base

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Here for sale is a genuine Gretsch Synchro-Sonic Bridge assembly for an arched top guitar. This assembly includes the bridge, base, and an additional set of screws that hold the saddles in place. It's designed for a Gretsch but may work with other brands as well. We're a fully authorized Gretsch guitar dealer with hundreds of Gretsch guitars in stock and ready to ship in addition to accessories, parts & collectibles. Please give us a call if you have any questions!

About the Synchro-Sonic Bridge (from A Marvel of Engineering! First introduced in 1951, the Gretsch Synchro-Sonic Bridge produces perfect intonation in all registers by means of moveable string rests. Each string is allowed to find its own true octave and true intervals in all positions. All strings can be accurately tuned and locked in place. No screwdriver needed!

Metals: Chrome Plated
Spacing between Posts: 3 3/8"
Base Length: 5 5/8"
Base Width: 5/8" mm
Bridge String Spacing: 2 1/32"
Total Height at lowest Adjustment (guitar surface to saddle top): 7/8"
Total Height at Highest Adjustment (guitar surface to saddle top): 1 1/8""

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Why We Love Gretsch

Gretsch has been handcrafting guitars for over 135 years. The unique sound of the Gretsch semi-hollow body guitar has become synonymous with rockabilly music, one of the first styles of rock ‘n roll. Gretsch guitars are a favorite among musicians like Chet Atkins, Brian Setzer and George Harrison. At Cream City Music, we love Gretsch too, which is why we always have a huge selection of new, used and vintage Gretsch guitars in stock.