Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets Resynthesizer Pedal


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Hologram Electronics' Infinite Jets Resynthesizer Pedal samples your guitar's input and provides two channels of infinite sustain, 3 sampling modes, and 4 effect types. The pedal's two samplers can be triggered by your playing dynamics, or manually through its footswitch. Its three modes include Mono, Poly, and Manual. And finally, its four effect types are Blur, Synth, Glitch, and Swell. You can get a huge variety of sounds out of this pedal, and creating lush, ambient soundscapes is easy. A simple set of controls allow you to fine-tune your sound through Env Shape/LFO Shape, Env Time/LFO Freq, Dimension/LFO Depth, Drive, and Dry knobs, in addition to a rotary Voice knob for selecting effect types. Plus, it's true bypass and comes with 2 User save slots, as well as an analog dry path and digital controls for the best of both worlds. If you're looking for a unique pedal with a stellar selection of effects that reinterpret your sound, then the Infinite Jets by Hologram Electronics is an excellent choice.


-Two independent channels of sampling, allowing for infinite sustain of two different notes or chords at a time
-Samplers can be triggered automatically by note attack or in manual mode via footswitch
-4 separate effect styles (Blur, Synth, Glitch, and Swell)
-10 preset variations
-2 User Save slots
-Envelope Shape control, for changing the attack and decay characteristics of sampled notes
-Dimension control, for manipulating parameters unique to each effect
-Record and Save Knob Movements
-Internal LFO and Envelope Generators for control of Dimension and sampling channel volume
-Digitally-Controlled-Analog Drive, Tone, and Dry Mix controls
-Analog Dry Path
-Expression Pedal Input, mappable to many controls
-True Bypass Switching (electromechanical relay)