J Rockett Audio Designs El Hombre Overdrive Pedal

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The J Rockett Audio Designs El Hombre is a rich and raunchy overdrive pedal, perfect for players who want to tap into the gritty side of classic rock and twangin' Texas blues. Whether you're looking to conjure shimmering harmonics or chewy sag, this pedal is sure to impress.

If you love the nuances and dynamic sensitivity of classic tube amps, you'll love the El Hombre. This pedal can go from mild to wild with just the turn of the gain knob, allowing users to channel anything from a warm, mellow overdrive to a crunchy-sounding distortion. Players can also control the aggressiveness of their signal with the Bite control - crank it for biting and snarling 'Plexi' tones or dime it down for smoother 'Dumble' sounds. If you prefer a little more subtlety, don't worry - push the volume up and bring the gain back a bit, and this pedal will channel some amazing blues tones.

Complete with a heavy-duty enclosure, the J Rockett Audio Designs El Hombre is an excellent choice for rock and blues players who love classic overdrive sounds.

Power Source: 9V DC power supply (sold separately)
Current Draw: 18mA
Gain: Controls the amount of gain
Bite: Brings highs forward or smooths them out
Volume: Controls volume of the pedal
Dimensions: 4.7" x 2.5" x 2"