J Rockett Audio Designs IQ Compressor & 6 Band EQ Pedal

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J Rockett Audio Designs' IQ Compressor combines a 6 Band Graphic EQ and compression into one pedal. The six band EQ covers 100Hz to 3.2 kHz, controlled by six sliders. The compression part of the pedal is controlled by Volume and Mix knobs, with the Mix control blending the compressed and dry signal. This is a fantastic 2-in-1 pedal that not only packages two useful effects, but also saves you space on your pedalboard.


-6 Band Graphic EQ
-Band 1: 100Hz
-Band 2: 200Hz
-Band 3: 400Hz
-Band 4: 800Hz
-Band 5: 1.5K
-Band 6: 3.2K
-Volume: Controls Overall Output
-Mix: Blends Compressed Signal with Dry Signal