J Rockett Audio Designs Majestic Majestic '70s Style Overdrive Pedal


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Inspired by classic '70s rock tone, the Majestic by J Rockett Audio Designs is an excellent overdrive pedal. It has a convenient, small-sized casing, but a bold, big, natural vintage overdrive tone. It works equally well with humbuckers and single-coils and delivers an amp-like overdrive that's perfect for classic sounds. Plus, its simple set of controls make it easy to dial in a sound that's tailored to you. Volume, Gain, Treble, and Bass controls are all you need!


-Dimensions: 4.00" x 2.30"
-9 volt Negative tip adapter and a 5.5mm x 2.1mm jack.
-9 volt Battery
-True Bypass Switching