JHS 3 Series Compressor Pedal

available for immediate delivery


The 3 Series is an all-new line of pedals by the folks at JHS. Designed to deliver detailed, high-quality classic effects, each 3 Series pedal has three knobs and one toggle switch to access a wide range of sounds. This straightforward set of controls, along with the pedals' affordable price point make the 3 Series pedals perfect for newcomers and effects aficionados alike.

The Compressor is simple and effective, with Volume, Attack, and Sustain controls to let you dial it in to your preferences, and also includes a Bright switch to help you cut through the mix in certain situations.


-Volume, Attack, and Sustain controls
-Bright switch
-4.42" x 2.38" x 1.22"
-9V DC Negative Center power
-Consumes 8 mA