JHS 3 Series Delay Pedal

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The 3 Series is an all-new line of pedals by the folks at JHS. Designed to deliver detailed, high-quality classic effects, each 3 Series pedal has three knobs and one toggle switch to access a wide range of sounds. This straightforward set of controls, along with the pedals' affordable price point make the 3 Series pedals perfect for newcomers and effects aficionados alike.

Don't be fooled by the Delay's three-knob interface - you can get everything from a slight slapback to super-washed, cavernous echoes, thanks to a delay time range of 80ms to 800ms. Its Type toggle switch lets you select between digital-voiced and analog-voiced delay for a mix of new and old. With its exceptional versatility and affordable price tag, the 3 Series Delay will serve both beginners and experienced players well.


-Mix, Time, and Repeats controls
-Type switch
-4.42" x 2.38" x 1.22"
-9V DC Negative Center power
-Consumes 71 mA