JHS EHX Triangle Muff "Illuminati Mod" Pedal


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The JHS "Illuminati Mod" modifies the Electro-Harmonix Triangle Big Muff and adds a side-mounted 3-way toggle switch that lets you choose from three different fuzz types. Plus, a side-mounted Gate knob adds even more versatililty to this pedal's tone! This is one of the most versatile Big Muff-style fuzz pedals thanks to this mod by JHS.


-"Illuminati Mod" adds side-mounted 3-way toggle switch and side-mounted Gate knob
-Volume, Sustain, and Tone knobs
-Toggle up is Stock Triangle Muff distortion
-Toggle middle provides a more open/powerful distortion
-Toggle down will give you more saturation and full raging fuzz
-***DISCLAIMER*** After the Mod perform, the 9V battery will become disabled.