JHS Emperor V2 Analog Chorus and Vibrato Pedal


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JHS has introduced the new Emperor V2! The Emperor V2 has all the same great features as it's predecessor built into JHS more pedalboard friendly chassis. It's a true analog chorus and pitch vibrato with tap tempo. Comes with a 3 waveform selection (sine, square and triangle), rotary speaker simulation, and true stereo output. With the long sought after vintage Arion SCH-1 chorus topology, the Emperor's design and engineering expands further into new heights of what real bucket brigade tones can offer. In the end you get a wide range of vintage styled modulation tones at your disposal. With it's perfect balance of analog chorus and vibrato tones and it's modern versatility, the Emperor V2 is the one pedal to rule them all.

Controls: Volume, Speed, EQ and Depth
Bypass: True Bypass
Power Supply: 9V DC Adapter (sold seperately)
Working Voltage: 9V
Current Draw: 100mA